Thursday, November 7, 2013

Black Friday 2012

Every year since I was little my mom always got in line early for the great deals for Black Friday. My mom has now passed on the tradition and I have been going for about 15 years now. It is fun to hang out with family and watch as people get a little to crazy for the deals. 
My mom, me, my cousins wife Shaylin, my cousin Garrett and my cousin Branson Gubler
This year my mom and I stayed out all night! We were trying to keep warm at Home Depot while waiting to get our new Christmas trees:)

Thanksgiving 2012

The last couple of years we have been bringing the mashed potatoes. Cameron and Kash wanted to help peel the potatoes:) They actually did a great job. Kody like to add real whipping cream to the potatoes to make them creamy. And he drinks it plain out of the carton. 

No Shave November

Kody grows his beard out ever November for No Shave November and if course Hunting Season! His hair grows so fast! Wish mine was like that! Love this  Man of mine:)

Writers Wall of Fame

Every month each teacher picks one kid from there class that they thought has the best work that month. Well both my boys got picked for November! So proud if both of them. They also got to go eat lunch with the principal:)

Color Me Rad

I decided to run my first 5K. I started training on the treadmill a couple months before the ru .My sister,Silvia, Hannah and Shaylee from work did the run with me. It was so much fun. They throw color at you as you are running. Then after your done it's a dance party with color thrown into the air!
Silvia, Hannah, Shaylee, Me, Carly, Nicole 


Chase got a trophy for being in the reflections contest! He was so excited to get a trophy! Great job chase!

Turning in candy for $

The boys decided that they wanted to turn there candy in for money! The candy is donated to the troopes over seas and they donate money to Dixie care and share also:) Kash and Chase got $3 and Cam got $4. Proud of them for doing this!